My name is Malin Sahlén & I’m an artist who creates emotional art in the mediumoil on canvas. I am Swedish & was born 1992 in Falköping, I've lived & worked in Stockholm since 2014. I am creative, boundless, energetic, calm, loving, honest & emotional. I am self-taught in my art & have throughout my life had a burning interest for art & creation. Inspiring through the expression of my artistry is what I am meant for in this life.


When I create a new painting, I start by choosing the colors I am drawn to. Then I go into a meditative state where I am in contact with my soul & I let it express itself as it wants. My art is inspired by my intuitions, feelings, energies, vibrations, nature, forms, relationships, experiences in life, light.

I love to paint with oil because it is a medium that can be painted in several layers, which creates depth & adds life-energy to my art. I paint in varying colors of different tones with different tools &movements that create the kind of shape & structure I want in the work. By shifting brush strokes, pressing, scraping, drip, throwing the color on the cloth with tools such as; brush, spatula, sponge or whatever I have on hand, I create my expression.

I live to learn, develop, experience, understand & create. I live for presence in the light, but life, as for everyone, takes me through the darkness as well. We, humans, are so much more than our physical body, identity& the society we live in. We live with ourselves, but also with each other& we are originally from nature, therefore it is important for us to have contact with our nature & understand it through the various stages of life.

When you look at my art you will meet energies & emotions as love, light, strength, courage, hope, longing, harmony & contrast to those feelings.

I always give my artwork the time it needs. My soul lets me know when I’ve finished a painting, that is when the emotion expressed in the painting can be felt. My paintings can sometimes be completed in an hour, or take several days, weeks, months until they are finished. I always stay open to the creative process; therefore, my paintings can change throughout the process. As my process is not progressive, my paintings can change in motif& color as the feeling behind matures. 

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